⚜ The Bootlegger Dream

There are many stories told about the tunnel found at La Borde House Patio. It is difficult to verify any of the tales, but these are a few we have heard repeatedly.

1. It was built shortly after the construction of the house to allow the free flow of goods and currencies being transported into the area.

2. It was utilized to support the illicit transfer of people and goods intended to be shipped throughout the South.

3. It was used during Prohibition by an Al Capone syndicate to smuggle alcohol that was shipped all over the country.

A common theme among the tales that we know to be factual is that originally La Borde House Tunnel extended to the banks of the Rio Grande River. We can also confirm that in 1955 the Texas Department of Transportation sealed the tunnel due to the danger it posed to the construction of US Hwy 83.

You may although, still visit us at La Borde House and catch a glimpse of the tunnel while you let your imagination do the rest.

Haunted Hotel